• to unite its members in order to develop passenger transport activities and to provide qualitative carriage services in compliance with passengers’ needs;
  • to aim at effective passenger transport activities, implantation and compliance with ecological standards, expansion of public and socially responsible passenger transport network through coordination of use possibilities of various transport means;
  • to submit conclusions and proposals with regard to draft projects of sustainable mobility in cities and safeguarding of proper cooperation of representatives of passenger transport, organizations of passengers, and authorities;
  • to collect information necessary for all the members of the Association, to process and distribute it among the members of the Association;
  • to combine financial resources and investments in order to implement target programs and projects of the Association;
  • to represent rights of the Association’s members, to defend their interests in national, municipal, public or international institutions, to submit proposals for regulation, strategies, programs, laws and post-statutory legal acts on passenger transport;
  • to organize publicizing of the Association’s activities, to develop its relations with business organizations, educational institutions, and society.



 The Association and its members shall observe the following principles in their activities:

  • independence. The Association operates solely in the area of public passenger transport and is independent from other associations;
  • openness. The Association’s members could be all the legal entities engaged in passenger transport and other legal entities related to provision of passenger transport services, who are engaged in public transport organization and/or management of related infrastructure, provision of public transport services, research and development activities related to the public transport sector, who satisfy the entrance criteria set for the Association’s members, and who agree with the Association’s values. Natural persons may take part in the Association’s activities as honorary members;
  • adjustment of interests of members and passengers. Promotion of sustainable mobility and expansion of public transport get major attention, while implementing objectives of the Association’s activities, in order to increase the number of persons, who choose public transport. Quality of the service should receive especially big attention;
  • cooperation. The Association is cooperating with other public, governmental, and municipal organizations, associations, private natural and legal persons, and makes all the efforts to promote sustainable mobility by public transport;
  • equality. All the members of the Association are equal. Each member has one vote in the General Meeting, regardless of the paid amount of membership fee;
  • management transparency and effectiveness. The Association’s activities are secured through responsibility, accountability and decision-making of its management bodies – General Meeting of Members, Presidium and President. The quorum bigger than required in the Law on Associations (LoA) is established for the General Meeting of Members (2/3), as well as bigger number of votes necessary to make certain important decisions (2/3 or 100 percent);
  • distribution of members’ contributions according to the member’s economic capacity. Amount of contributions shall be determined according to the criteria of the members’ economic capacity.

The membership in the Association is based on collective obligation of its members – to respect decisions of the Lithuanian local authorities regarding selection of mode, how to organize public passenger transport in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1370/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council.