Issues of membership in the Association are governed by section 3 of the Statutes.
According to clause 3.1 of the Statutes, the following persons are eligible to become members of the Association:
– legal entities engaged in passenger carriage, who have licence for passenger carriage or transport means,
– other legal entities related to provision of passenger carriage services,
– natural persons may participate in the Association’s activities as honorary members.
Besides, new members have to approve the objectives specified in the Statutes, and to pay an entrance fee.
According to clause 3.2 of the Statutes, the issue of admission of new members to the Association shall be solved by the Presidium. A new member shall be admitted if all the members of the Presidium agree and if all the members of the Association have been notified about consideration of the candidacy of a new member.
A legal entity that wants to become a member of the Association has to complete an application and a questionnaire in the defined form and to submit them to the Association’s President.
The received application shall be considered in the nearest meeting of the Presidium, and all the members of the Association shall be notified thereof.
A person becomes a member of the Association when:
– all the members of the Presidium agree with the membership;
– an entrance fee and a membership fee are paid within one month after the appropriate decision has been made.

Entrance and membership fees

According to clause 4.2.4 of the Statutes, the General Meeting of Members shall fix the amount of initial contributions of members of the Association and the amount of membership fees, the procedure for paying them.
The entrance and membership fees were fixed in the founding meeting in Siauliai on 27 Nov 2018, with regard to economic capacity. The payment procedure was established in the General Meeting of Members on 20 Dec 2018 in Jonava. Entrance and membership fee.